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About Us

When we began servicing the adult media industry in 1996, we noticed that there were limited web hosting companies that could provide the speed required for media-rich sites. Traditional web hosting companies were not prepared to handle the amount of streaming videos and high resolution pictures that the average adult entertainment website needs to succeed. We created SuperX to fill that demand. SuperX is a division of Superb Internet Corp®. that specializes in providing web hosting services for adult websites using HopOne data centers on network®. Our nationwide network, our data centers, our support staff, all work together to provide our customers with peerless media hosting service.

Whether you're just starting out with your own XXX site or you're a veteran in the adult website industry, we have just the right package for you.

Data Centers and Network

SuperX's legacy-free, fully redundant and fault tolerant national network is one of the company's featured proprietary technologies—allowing for an industry-leading 100% uptime guarantee. Our data centers and core backbone sites are always staffed 24x7x365 by our experienced systems and network administrators, with fully redundant power and cooling systems to ensure our servers are always up. We use backbone-grade network equipment (e.g. Cisco 12012 GSR, Catalyst 6509 MSFC2, Cisco Catalyst 2950G) to ensure our Gigabit Ethernet-based network runs optimally.

The SuperX network uses proprietary technology along with the latest equipment in a fully redundant, fully meshed, network design for the most direct, optimal packet routing (fewest hops) and superlative speed, security, and reliability. The network is also fault tolerant (consistently kept at under 50% utilization), able to easily sustain doubling in traffic and multiple link outages with no performance impact whatsoever. Our network includes multiple wholly-owned facilities located throughout the U.S (in New York, Virginia, Illinois, California and Washington state) and multiple-location peering with over 200 major networks/backbones and ISPs.

In other words, if you need proven reliability, speed, and security for your adult website, you need SuperX.

All our fiber carriers are financially healthy and well-known major telecoms,
with proven 100% uptime and reliability, providing premium, non-cogent bandwidth.